Neeraj Chopra National Record 

10 months break, training in 2 countries... Neeraj Chopra did not stop even after Olympics, created history like this

The national record which was earlier in the name of Neeraj Chopra was made in March 2021.

24-year-old Neeraj got the gold medal on 7 August 2021. After that he was participating in a competition for the first time, and he made a national record straight away.

After winning the medal in August, Neeraj Chopra had become a national hero.

Neeraj Chopra's hard work has paid off and he has won a silver medal in this important tournament.

After the Tokyo Olympics, Neeraj Chopra, who made everyone his fan, has done the same thing again.

Not only America, after May Neeraj Chopra also went to Turkey for his training. Neeraj was training here at the Gloria Sports Arena.